Protimedic is a highly concentrated protein source (20g protein in 40ml), designed to be mixed with hot/cold meals and/or snacks and serves as a Food for Special Medical Purposes/Medical Food. It can be used for the dietary management of patients suffering from protein malnourishment.

ProtiMedic comes in a Neutral and Tropical flavour. It is suitable for children (≥3 years) and adults. The dosage should be determined by a clinician or dietician.

Key Benefits

ProtiMedic is a specially designed, highly-concentrated protein mixture to fulfill the protein needs of patients with several different diseases and conditions. It contains 20g protein in 40ml.

In patients who have an increased need of protein but also a lower level of intake, it is crucial to have a product that is easy to use. It can be mixed with hot/cold food and beverages. It can be used in a fluid restricted diet. It can also be added to enteral tube feeding to enrich the protein content.

To provide the patient flexibility in the use of the protein, the product comes in a neutral flavoured version to be mixed with normal food like yoghurt. When using the product as a stand-alone, it is better, for compliance reasons, to use the tropical flavoured version. This version contains an innovative flavour mixture to make the product easy to drink.

Nutritional Applications

ProtiMedic is for the dietary management of patients suffering from protein malnourishment.

Typical nutritional applications are in patients with the following conditions or diseases:

- Sarcopenia

- Cancer

- Heart Failure


- Liver Failure

- Critically Ill

- Rehabilitation

- Wounds and Pressure Ulcers

- Pre- and Post-Operative

Suitable for the Following Diets

Low Lactose
GMO Free

Nutritional Information


- It is for use under medical supervision only
- Not for parenteral use

Click here for scientific resources on the usage of ProtiMedic

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