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S-Core Pepti is a unique peptide and MCT based complete nutrition for the dietary management of individuals with impaired GI function. It contains Lacprodan® whey protein hydrolysate for a great taste and low viscosity. It is a nutritionally complete, high in extensively hydrolysed whey protein (20 En%) and rich in MCT oil, Food for Special Medical Purposes/Medical Foods; scientifically formulated to provide nutrition in an easily absorbable form for individuals with gastrointestinal intolerance and malabsorption. It is specially designed to deliver a high amount of essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and balanced amounts of vitamins and minerals.

S-Core Pepti can be used as a supplement to normal food or as complete nutrition.

It is suitable for adults. It can also be used in children >3 years, however the amount of servings will depend on the age and condition of the child. The dosage should be determined by a clinician or dietician.

Key Benefits

S-Core Pepti is a nutritionally complete, high quality, high energy and protein rich Food for Special Medical Purposes/Medical Food. S-Core Pepti has been formulated with 4.8 grams/100 kcal of 100% Lacprodan®, whey-based peptides high in essential amino acids and optimized from a taste and viscosity point of view, providing a great mouthfeel. The fat source contains the recommended amount of essential fatty acids (Linoleic Acid and Alpha-Linolenic Acid), while being predominantly (approx. 60% of the fat source) consisting of the easy absorbable and digestible Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT). This product provides high amounts of crucial vitamins based on latest EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) guidelines.

S-Core Pepti is nutritionally complete with a focus on the nutrients that are key in disease-related malnutrition that accompany conditions such as cancer, heart failure, critically ill or other malnurished patients with impaired GI funcition.

This product provides flexibility and allows the patient to choose the portion size. This way the dose can be personalized and be adapted to the patient’s need and/or to prevent waste of too large a portion. It has to be used under medical supervision. S-Core Pepti can also be used as a sole source of nutrition based on a >1500 kcal diet or as supplement to the normal diet.

Nutritional Applications

S-Core Pepti can be used for the dietary management of patients suffering from disease-related malnutrition and with impaired gastrointestinal function in several conditions and diseases like:

- Malabsorption

- Delayed Gastric Emptying

- Chronic Diarrhea

- Short-Bowel Syndrome

- Pancreatic Insufficiency

- Cystic Fibrosis

- Post-Operative Feeding

- Cancer

- Critically Ill/Surgery

Suitable for the Following Diets

GMO Free

Nutritional Information


- It is for use under medical supervision only

- Not for parenteral use

- Not suitable for galactosemia

- Contains: milk.

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